In August this year, I will have been a Coach for 12 years!  In the beginning, I started this work to fill a specific gap – to create and deliver a process of nurturing leadership deliberately and on a sustainable basis.  Or in simple words, I became a coach because I felt that companies in India were not promoting leadership development within their organisations.

Over twelve years, everything changed – as it must!  Three shifts impacted the way I viewed my business the most:

  • companies worldwide, and especially in India, began to see leadership development as the responsibility of the individual not the organisation.  Each person needed to map and manage their own personal and professional growth.
  • more and more professionals preferred to be free lancers, entrepreneurs or stakeholders rather than employees
  • the ecosystem that provided emotional and physical wellbeing to the individual eroded and shape-shifted!

This meant that I needed to continuously shift the way I deliver my products and services to the marketplace.  My focus on wellness grew from being a conversation point to an anchor – each event I host includes movement, breath work and stillness with no exception at all.  I moved from working with company contracts to having conversations with professionals on their own volition.  It fit to supplement my one-on-one coaching sessions with more group processes – like weekend immersions, residential retreats and multi-day series.

Today, when I take stock, I can honestly say that my work is to support transformation – shifting one’s life response from outside in (in reaction to external stimuli like expectations, role model benchmarks, peer pressure) to inside out (powered by one’s core value, life purpose and vision)!  I do that seamlessly through an entire suite of services and a small set of beautifully handcrafted products.

When someone asks me what I do, I can simply say: I inspire & nurture transformation, one conversation at a time!  And the experience of this transformation is one of alignment – an alignment of who you are with what you do and how you live your life!

And then it immediately dawns on me that the work I share has done its “work” on my business and my life – I am simultaneously living transformation and sharing it.  And that is truly magic.

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