Disruption (n): an unexpected interruption in a process, event or activity

When we hear the word disruption, we normally think of technology or business or both together! Isn’t disruption a larger reality for us? Do we not live in an age when we need to constantly refresh and reinvent our way of working, relating with each other and making our unique voice heard in the world? What was a mantra for success a few short years ago does not even exist anymore!

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is it reasonable to have one career (leave alone job) from graduation to retirement?
  • Can I expect to live in just one city or even one geographical region in my lifetime?
  • Will my college degree and education be enough to ensure me a livelihood for life?
  • How do I make new friends?
  • Are owning a home, a car and a retirement fund priority for me? Or would I rather gather experiences, knowledge and a network as a measure of wealth?

Now just check how a younger-you would have answered these same questions? This is disruption – something that did not even show up on your radar is now the norm! And it seems that the speed of disruption is just getting faster.

So, how do you future proof yourself? There is a master skill that can help you flow with each new disruption while enabling you to hold and shape your uniqueness. This master skill is facilitation. Simply put, facilitation is the process that enables you to make learning, consensus building and creativity easy first for yourself and then others! It comes from the root word: facilis, to make easy.

Facilitation is both an art and a science. It is possible to learn the structures that make you a good facilitator and then as you practice it on yourself and others, it starts to develop in alignment with your own style, your unique response to life!

The metrics of success & fulfillment and the methods of achieving them will forever be in loops of disruption – with facilitation you have the ability to ride each wave with confidence and ease.