Since the last 3 years, I have been attracted to crafts, colouring and even painting.  It all started with doing craft work at my Leadership workshops – it was clear to me that when “normal” adults (successful, driven and skilled) got scissors, crayons and coloured paper in their hands, they transformed!  Suddenly the room came alive with the sounds of laughter, energy and utter joy.  And being the intelligent being that I am (modest to boot :)), I decided that I wanted some of that juice too.  So my free days and stolen afternoons were spent colouring zen tangles, making vision boards by cutting up glossy magazines and oh my, sprinkling copious amounts of GLITTER on everything I made.

Then I signed up for a graphic design course – and as my lovely sir taught me the amazing Adobe tools, I was amazed at the designs and forms that I was imagining.  I like to believe that I always appreciated beauty and could tell how good looks…it is a different high to experience that I could create it too!  And the Universe is a very humorous phenomenon – once you see something or just get it, it then begins to shower on you.  So, I go home to visit my family and spend the most blissful week with my artist sister as she reveals her secrets of composition, layering and diffusion with me.  My sister has had this magic talent all her life – never have we had a conversation or sharing about art.  This time she somehow felt I was ready.  You can only guess at my delight to finally be privy to a little bit of her inner sanctum.

So what happens to transform a left-brain, engineer by education & corporate jockey by profession into a right-brain, crayon wielding unicorn?  I don’t know and mostly I am too blissed to care 🙂  I have a theory though that I can share with you – I feel that the answer lies in the trinity of Satyam-Shivam-Sundaram (Truth-Goodness-Beauty).  As one sets off on a spiritual path, the original quest is for truth.  Truth leads one to investigate what is good, truly incorruptibly good.  And that then points towards beauty – because the ultimate measure of truth and goodness might be beauty.  Beauty that lifts your heart and makes it soar, beauty that infuses the mundane with the divine and beauty that ultimately brings you to your knees in surrender.

Since I am still meandering on my quest, this is a work-in-progress theory.  And it is difficult to worry much about its accuracy when everywhere I look all I see is…yes you are right, beauty!