This month I had a new insight that I want to share with all my entrepreneur friends – especially the solo-preneurs!  If you have ever had a job and worked as part of a larger organisation as I have, this will sound familiar.  Whenever I got too busy or stuck with some project, I would either get help from a colleague or escalate to my manager.  Easy!  Over the last 11 years as an entrepreneur, I had completely forgotten that I still had that option of asking for help.  I had become used to being the coach and the sales person, technical support, admin & hr, purchase manager and site maintenance expert!  No wonder my idea book is bulging at the seams and yet it takes me so long to roll out new services or products.

Last weekend I was facilitating a retreat in Banaras and I said to the group:  Seek expert help – don’t attempt to do everything on your own!  And bingo – the light went on inside.  This is something I needed to really hear and implement.  So in the last 8 days, here are some of the changes I have made:

  1.  putting a very capable handyman on retainership – this person will now be responsible to come by twice a week, fix the small things that need fixing, purchase office supplies and keep the office humming
  2. hiring a personal trainer – i am actively looking for someone who will adjust to my schedule and work out with me 3 a week.  right now, i am juggling many other things because my workout sessions are at fixed times
  3. follow a brand & social media strategy built by an expert – rather than winging it myself, I am implementing a brand & content strategy that has been developed by an expert.  this is a webinar I attended a year ago and I have the material with me already.  this makes it more structured and automated – it frees up time and makes me feel relaxed!

The results of this “unburdening” will unfold in weeks to come – I can tell you I already feel lighter and happier.  I will keep you posted on how it goes…feel free to share your thoughts or comments on the Essence Facebook page or here!