I am just heading home after 3 weeks in North America.  I love coming to this part of the world in fall…when the weather begins to get cooler, unpredictable, the foliage is stunning and the tourists have thinned once you leave the city!  And the US always feels like home so there is no special reason needed for me to come visit.  This time there is a very special reason I came…I make this trip for my dad, a tribute that I was determined to complete before the first anniversary of his passing.  He loved this country and its people, its beauty and diversity…most of all, the generosity and abundance that pervades everywhere!

And so I came…to celebrate his life and it has been a time to take measure of his life, then inevitably my life and life in general.  Coming here also means meeting my closest friends and deep friendships serve as a mirror…they reflect back to you the direction and the nature of your life.  Are you happy?  Are you living the best life?  Are you conscious? Do you live in choice? And finally, do you know and live in love?  And then it has helped to be in nature, in stillness, in solitude and in just pure silence that only the real remains!  Truly, taking measure does get supported by connection…to humans in intimacy and to nature in proximity!  I had both and in spades so it was easy to have a look and here is what I saw:

  • the only wealth one can accumulate in life is the richness of experience – good, bad or ugly does not matter. It seems to be more valuable to be in experience than in spectatorship with no exception.  so dating the wrong guy? better than waiting for the “right” one!  jumping into a low paying job? better than staying in holding pattern, watching tv….and the list goes on
  • life, like those 3D images, pops into focus when it is lived in the context of intimate human connections. So supporting and being supported, loving and being loved, witnessing and being witnessed by another impacts the quality of my life experience which is a solitary activity!
  • in life, what does it matter?  and omg that is so meaningful? are actually always, simultaneously and equally, true phrases to say and feel – and the one you choose will completely impact and shape your experience in that moment.

As I start to travel back, I feel replete.  There is this moment in time and space when everything is just so…the planets are aligned, the winds whisper delicious secrets and the sun shines in benevolence and bliss!


As I logged in to write this blog, I noticed I did not write one in August.  It makes sense – all my energies in the last 40 days have been in 3 spaces: the incredible Osho Monsoon Festival, the new Yogashala at Atelier that I manage and my first online offering, the Transformation SparkOff!

And as it happened, the timeline also was in a flow: the giving energy to get the Yogashala up from the middle of July was supported by the huge influx of joy, love, caring – all incoming energy – that I received at the Festival.  And then it was time again to share it outward with the SparkOff.  Can you even imagine the wave as you read those words?  That was the feeling all month long – up and down, in and out, soft and strong!

What I wanted to share is my observation that while we are planning, thinking, analysing, procrastinating, mind effing – life is HAPPENING, isn’t it?  This is so obvious and it has been a deep experience in my body, mind & spirit this month.  So, whether it is the Yogashala or the SparkOff, what really went down was not clean and as per plan – it was messy and complex and explosive and ridiculously beautiful.  And it all happened as it needed to…

When you really get that…and I did – what is the takeaway?  Well, here go 3 that might help you – they have totally changed how I respond to my day, my life!

  1. set your direction (vision anchored by goals) and just keep going – so when that disheartening call comes, when something does not happen as planned, when someone does what you don’t expect, take a moment, or 2 (a night’s rest even) and then keep going (because….yes you got it! life is still happening)
  2. master distraction – ok so that proposal is just not moving, look away!  notice that your friend is very eager to work with you on that other mini project right away.  so shift and trust – the proposal will call when it is ready!
  3. know when it is time to walk away – you have just put an entire event calendar into motion. Walk away – give everyone time to notice and catch up.  this is not the time to push.  So lace up those trainers and take a long walk.

I wish that each one of you feels this feeling of lifehappens-ness.  PS Why isn’t that a word already?

Share your thoughts with me

For those who know me and my work, it is common knowledge that it revolves around and is immersed in transformation.  You cannot experience my events, my sessions, my blog posts, my brand messaging without hearing about different ways in which one can support transformation.  In my understanding, the only transformation is the one which finally shifts you to living a life powered by what is inside you – your values, your vision, your connection to the whole!

And this month, I want to share the ultimate process for transformation.  This is the one tool, the one technique, the one understanding that totally shifted my life.  And I would be remiss in not sharing its power with you.  This is the 21 day Mystic Rose Process designed by the mystic of our times, Osho!  Osho is also my spiritual guide and the lifelong inspiration for my life and my work.

You can follow this link to know more about the process: Osho Mystic Rose.  For me, I can only share the living experience in poetry.  Someone once said that what you cannot say in words, you must sing aloud!  So here it is…my song <3

I wrote the following words in the week after….some of them might only make sense to another participant, most of them I know will touch your heart

The Mystic Rose

My master says:  Laugh, Cry and Witness
The dew drop will begin to disappear into the ocean
How simple.
Simply you say?

21 days and 504 hours later, I share what is now my truth, my experience

I can share that before everything come trust
I can share that true laughter is only from within
That laughter can come for no reason at all
That there is a unique bliss in laughing at myself by myself
And there is surrender, let go and immense lightness in sharing it too
That underneath laughter is fear
And that after the laughter come the floods
That tears can cause heat, blinding scorching heat
That embracing the pain releases it
That the tears cover rage – elemental, multi-lifetimes of rage
That I can actually dismember a pillow
That I can cry for the fact that crying week is over
That silence is not a serious business
That the watcher-on-the-hill swirls in bliss
That silence deepens when shared
That 20 odd strangers can become friends and beloveds in 21 days
And finally the insight:

That I can be right but I’d rather be light
That I can be willing but I’d rather be surrendered
That I can be anything, so I’d rather be LOVE

PS Know more about how you can experience Osho’s meditations with others or by yourself:  click here

We live in a world where we need to measure everything, quantify and know the pros and cons of all that we use, we own and we experience.  So, it is not just enough to go dancing – it helps to know that it improves flexibility and the social interaction is good for our emotional wellbeing!  Magazines and portals tell us in great detail the benefits of each asana we practice in yoga – how it makes your body, mind and even soul better.  Breaking up our food into proteins, carbohydrates and fats is so the last century – now we know whether our food has the requisite micronutrients, minerals, phytochemicals, and so on!

And it does not just stop there…we wish to measure how happy we are and whether we meditate intensely enough too!  This last week I was suddenly struck by the absurdity of this quest and decided to ponder on it a bit – as one is wont to do while lolling in the pool on a May afternoon in Pune.  And I finally hit on an insight that analogous to an Osho quote that has stuck with me over the years…

Osho said:  There are things in this Universe that are known, those that are unknown (which means they can be known eventually) and then finally those things that are unknowable (these can be experienced, never known)

And I have come to the same conclusion about our response to our things, our relating and our experiences:

  • There are some that are and have value in being measured (how much rent can I afford based on my income, how much time do I need to spend in the gym to feel healthy, how much food do I need to cook to feed my family)
  • There are some that are measurable even though I have not measured them yet (what is the shortest amount that I need to shower to feel clean, what is the optimal length of an afternoon nap for me, how much chocolate is enough to satisfy my sweet tooth)
  • And there are some that are immeasurable (the benefits of a yoga class, the length of the shared laughter with a friend, the pros of meditation)

And then I decided to delve a little more! Could it be that even what we measure or seek to measure, can be used, related to or experienced as immeasurable?  How does life feel when I can just be present in this moment and use, relate or experience?  Is measuring or wanting to measure just a need to feel assurance – assurance that we are not being cheated, short-changed or harmed?

Hmmm…am I totally ready to stop measuring completely?  No.  I still want to make sure my time, money and resources are well spent.  The biggest takeaway – and my experiment for June – is to introduce more and more moments of “immeasurability” into my daily life.  I choose to experience and relate to life with a sense of trust and wonder – an openness to immerse in the mystery!


Disruption (n): an unexpected interruption in a process, event or activity

When we hear the word disruption, we normally think of technology or business or both together! Isn’t disruption a larger reality for us? Do we not live in an age when we need to constantly refresh and reinvent our way of working, relating with each other and making our unique voice heard in the world? What was a mantra for success a few short years ago does not even exist anymore!

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is it reasonable to have one career (leave alone job) from graduation to retirement?
  • Can I expect to live in just one city or even one geographical region in my lifetime?
  • Will my college degree and education be enough to ensure me a livelihood for life?
  • How do I make new friends?
  • Are owning a home, a car and a retirement fund priority for me? Or would I rather gather experiences, knowledge and a network as a measure of wealth?

Now just check how a younger-you would have answered these same questions? This is disruption – something that did not even show up on your radar is now the norm! And it seems that the speed of disruption is just getting faster.

So, how do you future proof yourself? There is a master skill that can help you flow with each new disruption while enabling you to hold and shape your uniqueness. This master skill is facilitation. Simply put, facilitation is the process that enables you to make learning, consensus building and creativity easy first for yourself and then others! It comes from the root word: facilis, to make easy.

Facilitation is both an art and a science. It is possible to learn the structures that make you a good facilitator and then as you practice it on yourself and others, it starts to develop in alignment with your own style, your unique response to life!

The metrics of success & fulfillment and the methods of achieving them will forever be in loops of disruption – with facilitation you have the ability to ride each wave with confidence and ease.

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